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crazyclaims's Journal

Crazy Claims
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Welcome to Crazy Claims! Here you can feel free to claim WHATEVER you want. People, LJ Users, DJ users, UJ users, Anime, Characters, Books, Movies, Actors, Animals, Words, Phrases, Manga, Objects, Music, Sings, Whatever! Claim it here!

You are only allowed -10- claims at first. Like other journals you can earn yourself more claims. How? Make Icons for the group, Make Pictures, Link to this group in your User Info, other things when I think of them too. -RULE- Your only allowed to do one of each a month!..So you do one this month ya gotta wait till next month to do it again. XP

::More Rules::

1. No fighting
2. No Cheating to get more, like 2 journals or anything.
3. Be nice to Each other on this group
4. Have fun?
5. Oh yeah! Don't be greedy! Try not to take too many characters from the same show or thing.
6. You can share but it has to be alright with the owner of the claim.

Oh yes and if there is movie to be claimed like "Lord of the Rings" or "Back 2 the Future" trilogy...You can only pick ONE of them, not all three.

Now off with you!! GET CLAIMING!
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